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Our values


G-LYTE focuses on continuous innovation to improve in-dye® technology competitineness. The company is contunuously developing new technology briks and processes to meet the consummer needs.


Sustainability is a crucial value, as G-LYTE develops green technology. We aim at reducing the technology carbon foot-print by developing recycling methods and efficient waste management. A lifespan of over 15 years is also a guarantee of low environmental impact.


G-LYTE adheres to only the highest quality standards and all the products we ship meet minimum specifications at the very least. We know that reproducibility is crucial and we guarantee it over the long term.


The company focuses on helping the customer to identify the in-dye® solution adapted to its needs and having a flexible production process. Our team of experts is here to help you at every stage of your project 

Meet the Founders

Frédéric and Albert started working together back in 2011. They shared the common goal of improving DSSC’s stability at very high efficiency. Franck met the team in 2016 and shortly afterwards they decided to create G-LYTE together with the ambition of bringing the best performing and most durable cells to the market.

Franck Barath


Franck left his research position at the CNRS in 2000 to complete an MBA and enter the chemical industry. He has worked for companies such as Weylchem Group, Suez Environnement and SNF Floerger, mainly in sales and business unit management positions with annual sales of more than €30 million. He met Frederic and Albert in 2016.

Frédéric Sauvage


Frédéric defended his PhD thesis in 2006. From 2007 to 2010, he worked in the team of DSSC inventor Michael Graetzel at the EPFL. He then set up his own research department in Amiens in 2011, focusing on improving the stability of DSSCs. He has served on the scientific advisory boards of two pioneering DSSC companies, Dyesol (AUS) and 3G Solar (IL).

Albert Nguyen Van Nhien


Albert defended his doctoral thesis in organic synthesis in 2001. He has worked for many years in the field of glycochemistry and biomass valorisation using sustainable chemistry (solvent development) with applications in the field of energy (electrolytes), environment and biology. He’s now director of the LG2A laboratory in Amiens.

A word from our CEO

I firmly believe in G-LYTE’s human and entrepreneurial values. We have developed products that will revolutionise the use of batteries, and in a few years’ time the majority of connected objects will be equipped with in-dye®.

But my greatest pride is in having created a people-centred working environment that allows every employee to perform, grow and feel secure.

Technology is nothing without people.

Franck Barath

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