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Low light energy harvesting

more efficient – more robust – smaller

G-LYTE introduces in-dye® – an indoor photovoltaic cell to power connected objects – with 2 to 3 times less surface needed than current technologies.

In-dye® is a breakthrough in indoor energy harvesting.

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) mimic plant photosynthesis to capture light and convert it into energy. Since their discovery in 1991, their superior potential for capturing diffuse or low-intensity light has been recognised.

G-LYTE has succeeded in stabilising DSSC’s at a very high level of performance, by innovating both the chemistry and the manufacturing process.

Up to 90 µW/cm²

Our cells outperform products currently on the market, with an impressive power output of 75 to 90 µW/cm² at 1 000 Lux

Robust technology

Humidity and even being underwater won’t affect the performances in the long run. The lifespan is over 10 years

Low impact

in-dye® contains no critical material and we have developed a recycling process

Test in-dye® with your product

contact us so that our team can help you define your needs and the most appropriate in-dye product.

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