Gold Standard Indoor Photovoltaic Solution

More efficient – More robust – Smaller

G-LYTE introduces in-dye®, a best-in-class indoor photovoltaic solution based on DSCC technology to power new devices performing 2X better than current technologies.


Extended life span >15 Years.

Superior performance in low light from 20 Lux

>25 %


No critical materials and fully recyclable

A revolutionary Chemistry

  • Revolutionnary electrolyte
  • > 15 years of know-how
  • International patent

A Unique production process

  • Fully hermetic and durable encapsulation
  • Proprietary process
  • low cost process

Applications of our technology

Computer peripherals Whether it’s a keyboard, mouse or any other computer peripheral, there’s no need to recharge them with in-dye®. Leave it on your desk and forget about your batteries


Sensors are often placed in hard-to-reach areas and are essential to the operation of smart buildings. In-dye® enables them to be recharged even if they are in an area with very little light.

Electronic Shelf Labels

In-dye® makes ESLs completely energy self-sufficient. It can be placed on the label or on the support rail and will occupy a surface area up to 3 times smaller than competing technologies. In-dye® also performs very well in cold areas and is not affected by humidity.


Beacons and trackers need energy continuously and often for long periods. Thanks to In-dye®, the battery can be reduced to its minimum size or even eliminated.

Remote Control

A tiny In-dye® cell means you no longer need disposable batteries for all your remote controls. With a lifespan of 15 years, In-dye® can be reused in a new remote control, increasing the recycling rate.

Applications of our technology

Computer devices
Remote Controls
Electronic shelf label