WER2-O Reflector Titania Paste


Greatcell Solar Materials’ Pastes offer guaranteed performance, high reproducibility and consistent results.

Greatcell Solar Materials’ WER2-O Scattering Titania Paste contains highly dispersed anatase scattering particles (150nm to 250nm). This paste produces a non-active scattering layer when applied onto a pre-printed active layer. This scattering paste is ideally printed in combination with Greatcell Solar Materials’ 18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste or 90-T Transparent Titania Paste (Thin Use). After drying, this paste must be fired – together with the pre-printed active layers – at or above 500°C. This results in an opaque sintered layer, with a thickness of ~3μm for one printed layer, when using a 90T mesh screen.

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