Imidazolium Iodide


Imidazolium iodide (IAI; CAS Number: 68007-08-9) is an organic ammonium halide salt used as a perovskite precursor in the preparation of perovskite-based opto-electronic devices. The addition of Imidazolium iodide as a surface passivation agent on mixed-cation and mixed-halide perovskite films considerably increased the perovskite solar cell performance and improved the operational stability of the resulting device (Alharbi et al., 2019).

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Alharbi, E.A., Alyamani, A.Y., Kubicki, D.J., Uhl, A.R., Walder, B.J., Alanazi, A.Q., Luo, J., Burgos-Caminal, A., Albadri, A., Albrithen, H., Alotaibi, M.H., Moser, J.-E., Zakeeruddin, S.M., Giordano, F., Emsley, L., Grätzel, M., 2019. Atomic-level passivation mechanism of ammonium salts enabling highly efficient perovskite solar cells. Nature Communications 10, 3008.

Imidazolium Iodide
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