Guanidinium Iodide


Recent research has shown that substitution of A-site cations in the generic perovskite structure ABX3 allows bandgap tuning and results in improved solar cell stability. Guanidinium is a larger A-site cation than formamidinium and methylammonium, yet can effectively substitute FA and MA cations while preserving the 3D perovskite structure. Guanidinium substitution is known to improve the photovoltaic performance and stability of perovskite solar cells (Jodlowski et al, 2017). Partial guanidinium substitution also reduces iodide ion transport in lead iodide PSCs (Ferdani et al., 2019).

Greatcell Solar Materials’ Guanidinium Iodide (CAS Number: 19227-70-4) with a purity level of >99% has a superior quality thanks to a reproducible production process and an extremely low moisture content.

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